DSTC - Definitive Surgical Trauma Care

The course "Definitive Care in Trauma Surgery - DSTC" is organized and offered by the "International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care - IATSIC", and in Brazil in association with the Brazilian Society of Integrated Traumatized Care - SBAIT.
It is a course designed in Europe and Oceania that aims to prepare surgeons, already trained or in training, to address serious traumatic injuries, with special attention to advanced surgical strategies and techniques. The course is mainly based on surgical practices, which allows discussions and training opportunities.

As a rule of the IATSIC, in all coursesthe participation of at least one INTERNATIONAL GUESTis required, who is chosenamong surgeons of renowned experience in trauma surgery.

Theoretical aspects covered in the course:
Making Surgical Decisions
Laparotomy in trauma
Damage control
Abdominal compartment syndrome
Open abdomen
Hepatic Trauma
Trauma of pancreas and duodenum
Splenic trauma
Genital-urinary tract
Trauma of large vessels
Limb trauma
Pelvic trauma
Cervical trauma
Cervical-mediastinal trauma
Chest trauma
Cardiac and pulmonary trauma
Case study: strategic thinking

Practical Activity in Experimental Surgery:

Ligatures and sutures in the small intestine and colon
Ligatures and sutures in the stomach and exploration of the retrocavity of the epiphons
Diaphragmatic ligatures and sutures
Splenic mobilization and repair
Suture and duodenal repair
Mobilization and pancreatic repair / distal pancreatectomy with "stapler"
Total and partial nephrectomy, peripheral raffia
Temporary ureteral ligation, cast placement and ureterostomy
Ligature and repair of bile duct
Repair of hepatic fractures and bleeding control
Hepatic vascular injury repair
Vena cava control and repair techniques
Mobilization, control and repair of the retrohepatic vena cava
Techniques of control and repair of the abdominal aorta and iliac arteries
Procedures for data control and abdominal closure
Abdominal vacuum closure

Intra-abdominal and pelvic "Packing"
Extra-peritoneal "Packing"

Pericardial window / cardiac repair
Performing anterolateral thoracotomy, sternotomy and bilateral thoracotomy (clamshell)
Perform pulmonary repair.

Course Fees 2016:
Physicians: R $ 2,200.00
Medical members of SBAIT: R $ 2,000.00
This fee does not includethe course book.

The discount for members of SBAIT will only be accepted by sending the ANNUITY 2017receipt payment to:

Please do not consider the information about withdrawal or sedex delivery of the material at the time of registration.

The purchase of the Manual of Definitive Surgical Trauma Care, Fourth Edition, Kenneth D. Boffard is available on the AMAZON website:
The course must have a minimum of 12 students enrolled. In case of not reaching this number, SBAIT reserves the right to cancel the course at least 3 days in advance and to reimburse the registration fee.

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DSTC - Definitive Surgical Trauma Care


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